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A Gift From The Suzuki Gods!

Have you heard? The wonderful folks at Suzuki have given us 125 riders this beauty of a gift! The GSX R125! Suzuki Motorcycles has unveiled the lightest and most affordable offering in the GSX-R portfolio – the 2017 Suzuki GSX R-125 –... Continue Reading →



details of the most common reasons for a motorcycle breakdown. Armed with this knowledge, you’ll know what to keep an eye out for and keep riding…

Choosing the right Motorcycle for you!

Choosing the right bike for you can be quite difficult! With many different sizes and styles to choose from some biker enthusiasts actually believe only having one just isn't enough. Whether that's an excuse to buy more bikes...I don't know.... Continue Reading →

Guy Martin at Bonneville

Trying to achieve 400mph on two wheels was never going to be easy. Racing the Isle of Man TT or the Dakar Rally is hard, but they’re more about endurance and consistency than they are about breaking new ground. It’s... Continue Reading →

2017 BMW RnineT Scrambler First Ride Review

If you thought motorcycling didn’t have room for another Scrambler, cry your tears in silence, please, because the rest of the motorcycling world is obviously loving it. The RnineT, which arrived in 2013 as a 90-year celebration of the company,... Continue Reading →

New Riders, Welcome!

First things first, new riders... as much as you're excited to get those two wheels burning out there please do make sure you do your research too. Most common accidents for new riders are caused by not being familiar with... Continue Reading →

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